Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Affiliate Learner

Hello and welcome to my Blog which I hope you will enjoy as I add more info as I go along. It will be a blog of mixed reading and pictures, even though it is called Affiliate Learner I am new to all of this Blogging and Lens, etc.

On Friday 13.04.07 my wife and I took the Grandkids to the Portland Basin in Ashton Gtr. Manchester where there is a Museum with lots to see and do. There is exact replicas of old shops in the (Good old Days) as they used to say and some old Machinery you can walk around. Do you remember when the front room or Parlour had a Piano in and was only used for special Ocassions. By the way admission is free and there is a cafe as well, enjoy the Pics.

See the XARA Xtreme graphic below this is a beautifull Programme to make all sorts of web work and you can download a trial version free, no strings attached and I know you will enjoy.

If you want to be able to put Video on your site then this is a super little programme at ( I have just used this software and wow it works great it is so simple to use, when you open the programme two windows appear, you just put in your webcam movie and it automatically reduces the size for web content.

Now for something a little different . While I was in recovery for an illnes a certain very kind person showed me some Pictures of Babies made from Marzipan, I was so surprised and amazed how these babies had been modelled from Marzipan in minature detail I just have to show you . Hope you enjoy.

Have you been to Maderia, well the 2 Pictures on the right are from there, my family and I went two years ago and stayed in the main town of Funchal and there is quite alot to see and do.

There is a lovely Harbour and Cruise Liners often call in for an overnight stay, there is a great Cable Car that you can ride on above mountains and rocks with fantastic views all over Funchal .

When you get to the top you can amble around beautifull gardens with flowers arranged in colours and designs to catch your eye. Coming back down you can go on the Cable Car, Walk, or if you like something different there are sledges with steel runners you sit in and sled down with a driver, very exciting too.

On the sea front there are Boat trips every day and if your daring you can ride up and away in a

Hot Air Ballon. The people of Maderia are very helpfull and friendly, ther are plenty of Hotels only minutes away from the sea front.

Do you like the Pictures above, can you guess what they are well top left is the Fish made into a circle by using image editors, same goes for bottom centre these are Apples and Tomatoes to the right. You can have endless fun using image editors to change colours, shape, size and many different objects all from one picture.

A few weeks ago we went on a trip to Emerdale, we were very lucky we had lovely sunshine all the time and it was so pleasant going round all the different venues. When you see all the places in real life it makes such a difference to know you see all these in the TV programe Emerdale. We went in the Wool Pack, Church, Post Office shop, and Farm, up and down many country roads. Below are a few pictures for you do enjoy.

Have you heard of the Salt Pipe, well I read something about it this morning and if you suffer from Asthma, Cronic coughs, Hay Fever, this Salt Pipe can help you breathe easy. You breathe in from the pipe and breathe out through your nose. The all natural idea is as you breathe in particles of salt are absorbed giving you the benefits of an Eastern Mine.

There has also been impressive clinical trials.

Gastrointestinal Problems

If you know anyone with Coeliac disease, there is a book called Ms. Shepards cookbook titled (Nearly Normal Cooking for Gluten-Free Eating) she has developed some 145 recipies for tasty meals, because gluten is not accepted by all people and can cause stomach upsets.

You can find out more at her web site= if you suffer from this.

Have you got Sons, look what some got up to.

Hello again Ive been away, but am back home for a couple of days and I thought you might like to see some of my graphic creations made in axara 3 D and xtreme.

Marzipan Babies

Marzipan Babies